Barack Obama for Port Douglas Facebook

Barack Obama & Port Douglas ???

AIMING for third time lucky, a social media campaign to get US President Barack Obama to visit Port Douglas during his upcoming trip to Australia has been enthusiastically revived

The campaign is a light-hearted initiative from Tourism Port Douglas Daintree, which chief executive Doug Ryan admits is "just one of those things – you have to be in it to win it".

The organisation first formally invited Mr Obama to visit when he was elected, resulting in a number of emails back and forth with his office.

"We established the page initially to try and get him out here and have resurrected it twice since, but it’s not playing a trick – we did officially invite him and obviously we’d love to see him up in this region," Mr Ryan said.

Now, almost 1200 people are followers of the Obama for Port Douglas Facebook page, including the White House itself.

While the TPDD team recognise that it’s up to the Prime Minister’s department to decide Mr Obama’s November itinerary, they are also convinced he would have a fabulous time.

The website is calling on celebrities who have visited, including Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue, to vouch for it

Story by Heather Beck