Fingers crossed for Singapore airlines to visit FNQ

Fingers crossed for Singapore airlines to visit FNQ









Far north Queensland tourism may benefit from a proposed alliance between Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia should it get Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approval.

With the alliance comes the opportunity for Singapore Airlines to sell destinations in regional centres around Queensland, including Cairns.

Mark Bermingham, chairman of government's Aviation Committee, told Travel Today that the ability for international travellers to earn frequent flyer points redeemable on Australian flights would be valuable to Queensland's tourism industry.

“This will enable the points that could be earned by non Australian residents using Singapore Airlines services to be redeemed on travel into and around Australia.

“This could have a large benefit for Queensland’s extremely popular regional Queensland destinations such as Gold Coast and Cairns.

“Overall, the proposed alliance could have a significant benefit to the Queensland tourism industry."

Already the first phase of the alliance has been put in place - As of the start of August Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia have an agreement to offer reciprocal lounge access to eligible customers, and Singapore Airlines customers can connect to Virgin's Australian destinations on one ticket, with terminal transfers, in-flight entertainment and meals included.