Port Douglas / Mossman


The Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce initiated a research project
with the Melbourne Business School (MBS ) to collect data, analyze this data
and produce a report with recommendations on how Port Douglas might improve its
economic outlook given that in recent years the decline in tourism has had a
major impact on business levels. Over
140 concerned residents and businesses contributed insights and opinions in
this project.

By using an independent body such as MBS we had the opportunity of
obtaining objective and dispassionate insights into what the issues are and how
we can move forward. On Saturday 31 March the MBS presented its report which clearly
outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the Port Douglas economy and made a
number of recommendations. A copy of
this presentation is available for download <Here>

The MBS report recommends serious action to move Port Douglas
Forward. To achieve this we need support from the various diverse community
groups who have been so helpful in providing input and have expressed keen
interest in the findings.

Perhaps the most potent finding by the study is the need to
develop a shared vision speaking with one voice. This will be very difficult in
a passionate community such as Port Douglas but we must find a way forward or
be content to remain in a downward spiral as suggested by the report. The
Chamber will work to achieve a shared vision for this community. In particular
we will work closely with Tourism Port Douglas Daintree who are a major
stakeholder in the business activities of Port Douglas.

first step is to facilitate an ongoing conversation on the matters raised by
the MBS report. We propose to do this by creating a social media platform. A
facebook page GOPORTDOUGLAS and a twitter
account @GOPORTDOUGLAS have been
created. You are urged to sign up for facebook and twitter and participate in
the discussion. GoPortDouglas was chosen
because we want to be positive about the future. This forum is about ideas and
not personalities. Comments simply criticising other individuals are not
welcome. Criticise ideas and make positive suggestions. This is the way