Oh how we dream…. as I start this blog I sit up straight and feel a sense of excitement that only comes when a man is thinking about his garage!

I’m hoping this doesn’t present me as a guys’ guy that just needs a space to store and work on those things that remind him of when he was young and full of testosterone. Just quietly, I am that, but I’m also that sensitive new age mature man who likes to fantasise about bathroom and kitchen design.

cute guy outside garage


Cities and towns were originally designed for pedestrians, not automobiles. They came along much later, and provoked a re-engineering of our communities and homes.

But modern Australia is so young that our major cities and suburbs have been designed almost from the outset with the understanding that we travel from A to B in a car. For average Australian families the dream fast became to own your home with a big backyard and a two car garage – one for Mum and one for Dad.

Many of us (men) decided that the car could live on the street or driveway and the garage morphed into the town square or piazza of old.

The garage became the space where he again could be surrounded by his kids, his mates and others philosophising about life, replaying the weekend, or just talking over the next DIY project.

Garages add real value to a property and the lifestyles of those who inhabit them

What makes a perfect garage

It’s hard to say what the perfect garage would look like. It’s as personal as it is practical.

But it’s clear in the real estate market that car parking and garages add real value to a property, and the lifestyles of those who inhabit them.

mancave messy garage


Hanny’s Shed, from photographer Jasper White’s collection of Australian men’s sheds and garages

Workshopping your garage

Local Councils in their Development Control Plan will have guidelines to the amount of parking and or garage space required, dependent on the number of bedrooms per unit.

Homes in the suburbs also value higher with maximum garaging, but FSR (floor space ratio) and landscaping ratios demand modest car accommodation and storage.

When considering car accommodation or the perfect garage, approach it in the same way you would any other space: tell a story in the space and maximise the area by allowing it to double up as a car and work space, as well as storage area.

Simple garage tips

When space is minimal, simple additions such as shelves and hooks can add character and practicality i.e. placing nails, screws in jars is a nice touch.

Hanging a photo, even artwork, can bring warmth.

Simple additions such as shelves and hooks can add character and practicality

Another thing to consider (if you have the option) is to create a vestibule type space which separates the garage and the living area, which in turn helps with noise and fumes coming from the garage. It could also be the space you unload the things you’re bringing in from the garage/car.

If you’re renovating or building for profit, treat your garage like any other space – analyse and plan, accounting for lifestyle needs, your target market (if you’re selling), and ways to make the most of every corner.