QR Codes hit Mossman/Port Douglas

QR Codes hit Mossman/Port Douglas

Real estate agencies including Raine & Horne Mossman Port Douglas now have access to an exciting technology called QR codes that open up new marketing avenues and offer another point of differentiation.

QR codes attract the growing smartphone owner market that is constantly seeking easier ways to capture information about properties.

A QR code is a quick reference barcode that can be read by mobile phones with the assistance of a QR Code reading application. Equipped with camera-enabled phone, users take a photo of the bar code and instantly opens a website or contact details in the phone. QR codes can easily be inserted on your window cards and signboards. This means any casual passers-by can photograph the code and instantly access more information online. Powerful stuff – especially in conjunction with iProperty’s excellent mobile phone website solution that comes as standard with all iProperty real estate website packages.

We have already told you about scanning QR codes on Android, now its time to talk the same on iPhone. Yes, we would be telling you about how to scan QR codes on iPhone.

Well, if you are unaware of the term QR Code, then here is the some useful info. QR Code is actually a 2D matrix barcode ( not similar but very much like the bar codes that we find on the commodities that we use everyday ).

Each smartphone app has it very own QR Code which can be read and scanned only by QR code scanners