Spring Auctions in Port Douglas

What should I do to get my house ready
for a Spring sale?
With the traditional real estate selling season
just around the corner, there are a few simple and
inexpensive ways to make your house stand out from
the rest. Make a good first impression by repairing and
taking the high pressure cleaner to your driveway and
paving, and cleaning outdoor light fixtures.
Think about giving your front door a coat of paint,
polish the handle and hinges, and lay out a fresh
new doormat.
Clean your gutters and rake up any leaves and tree
branches that have been lying around since winter.
Trim dead branches and overgrown shrubs, and spread
mulch or bark for a nice neat look. It’s a great time to
take a trip to the nursery. Strategically placed potted
plants, hanging baskets and bushes not only create an
appealing impression; they can also be used to shield
less attractive aspects of your yard or house from view.
Make sure the inside of your home sparkles: give it a
deep spring clean, get rid of clutter and paint scuffed
or dull walls. Air out the house to get rid of musty
smells caused by having the windows closed through
the colder months, and steam clean carpets so they
smell fresh. It’s also time to store away heavy winter
bedding, throw rugs and window treatments, opting
for lighter fabrics and brighter colours.
If you’re considering a property sale, contact your
local Raine & Horne agent, who can expertly guide
you through the process, on 1800 065 872.
What are the benefits of selling at auction?
Selling at auction is an ideal way to achieve true
market value for your home in a short and decisive
time period.
The marketing campaign for an auction tends to be
more focused because it usually runs for three or four
weeks, and this creates a marketing buzz. The deadline
of the auction date also creates a sense of urgency and
attracts only serious buyers.
Selling by auction gives you additional avenues for
making a sale – before auction, on the day of the
auction, or straight after if the property is passed in.
The process can bring out the competitive streak in
buyers and once the hammer falls, your home is sold.
There is no cooling off period, which means you’re free
to make your next move in the property market.