Tourism Queensland's Million Dollar Memo competitors do battle in Port Douglas

Forget sunbathing at the beach, I was ready to soak up some sun the moment I stepped onto the runway at Cairns Airport.

Having arrived from Sydney where winter seems to have dragged on into years, the feeling of warmth was not only brought on by the moist wind that blew back and slightly frizzed my hair, but the forgotten familiarity of the sun’s rays making home on my face.

Although the bright yellow star took me off target with wildly inappropriate desires to take on the sunshine that makes up the state right there on the runway, I was quickly drawn back into reality and to the airport’s surprisingly large facilities.

Expecting a small and simple location for holiday-makers to travel to and from Cairns, my pre-conceived ideas quickly vanished, with the airport resembling Sydney’s domestic terminal, housing a number of tarmacs, cafes, restaurants and even a few shops.

After a short wait at luggage claim, I was ready to set out into the perfectly warm world of Queensland.

Hopping on board a Down Under Tours coach, I was captured by a one hour scenic drive along the coast into Port Douglas’ luxurious, exotic and perfect-for-me Sea Temples Resorts and Spas.

Barely six years standing, the heaven away from home houses one of the largest swimming pools in the southern hemisphere, with guests literally stepping out of their rooms and into the water.

Although keen to meet the 20 finalists of Tourism Queensland’s incentives competition, Million Dollar Memo, my stomach was aching for some Aqua dining.

While the resort’s meal options were limited, the dishes on offer were unique, exotic and highly desirable.

Selecting the curry, it tasted better than it read in the menu.

After a quick meal it was time to meet up with the rest of the crew for some mingling before heading out to Port Douglas’ indigenous restaurant, Flames of the Forest.

The breath-taking, emotional and unique experience followed traditional aboriginal customs including the smoking ceremony and the impartment of ancient advice and storytelling.

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