FAQs Selling


Q. How much will it cost me to sell my house?

A. As well as the professional fees there are additional costs such as government searches, advertising, conveyancing and bank charges. Speak to your agent who can advise on a cost effective marketing plan and fee structure for your property.


Q. Should I sell my house I live in before I buy a new one?

A. It's best if you speak to your bank to get financial advice. You may be able to finance another purchase but in most cases it pays to at least have your home preapred for sale. It's always a good idea to talk to an agent if you are looking to buy another home, to get an appraisal on your current home, to see where your property would sit in the current market. Alternatively you may decide to rent your home to help finance your new purchase, but be sure you get financial advise & a rental appraisal.

You can put an offer in on a new home with the special condition of "subject to sale and settlement"of you current home. This, however, is not always attractive to the vendor of the home you want to buy.

Q. How do I set the price of my house for sale?

A. Your agent will go through a comparative market analysis (CMA) with you and together you can determin the asking price. A CMA will show you comparative homes that have sold recently and for what price. The actual selling price of comparable properties counts and reflects a realistic market value for yours. Buyers today have much greater access to market information, so by the time they have seen your house they have already examined the competition and know their options. It's recommended that you price your property at the top of recent sold prices and at the bottom of what's currently on the market.

Your agent will give you advise on the best price for your property, helping you set the right price is important, as over pricing a home can discourage buyers and reduce the competition for the purchase. Competition is what pushes prices up - ie. supply and demand ratio.


Keep in mind your agent's job is to market your property and then negotiate the highest price that the market will bear. They can't negotiate for you if no offers are coming in.

Your agent should give you ongoing updates on the enquiry level. There is a direct link between enquiry and getting sold. No enquiry is an indiction that the price is too high.

The market is brutal on price in relation to presentation. Presentation always counts when trying to achieve top dollar.

Every seller wants to achieve the highest price in the quickest possible time, and if priced correctly this will in fact happen. Be sure to check your motivation. If your primary goal is to move, then setting the price too high will not get your objectives met and you would have wasted precious time and money.


Q. What is the Raine & Horne Difference?

A. Our company has been selling property on the Lower Eyre Peninsula for nearly thirty years..... we know our stuff! Our team is approachable, down to earth and helpful but never pushy or over bearing. As part of the Raine & Horne franchise we have access to the national database of buyers from over 450 offices throughout Australia.

Raine & Horne has achieved enviable status as an officially recognised Super Brand. R&H was voted as one of Australia's most trusted brands by the Superbrands Council, a voluntary panel fo highly respected and experienced individuals from the fields of business and marketing.

The Raine & Horne's famous "We'll look after you" campaign, which dates back to the 1980s, has also been successful in underlining Raine & Horne's commitment to customer care. The well-known brand will help you when you are selling your home as people are more likely to contact a company they know and have a connection with, rather than an agent they scarcely know.

The  local community means a lot to us and our local team are actively involved with the community. Our team member’s names and faces are quickly recognised as Real Estate experts. Buyers, sellers, renters and investors often prefer to approach someone they know in a neutral/informal setting, such as at the footy or community event, for information about properties or the Real Estate Market.

Our business also invests in the community by providing sponsorship for clubs & events throughout the year.

In addition to all that some of our products and marketing services are what can make a big difference in attracting buyers or tenants to your property.

One of the exclusive marketing materials we use is an aerial video of your property, showing the property size, location & layout presented with the property listing on the internet. They say a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a video paint?!

Additionally we have a local data base, also connected to our national database, of buyers and as soon as your property is listed we send a buyer matching email to registered buyers. So the HOT buyers are the first ones to know that your property is on the market! 

 Q. What's my proeprty worth?

A. Our local property consultants can help you with this, but as each property is different we cant give a blanket answer. Mainly the market determines the price how what other properties that are similar to yours are also on the market. Knowledge of the local market is what you can expect from our Property Consultants and having a thorough understanding of the market & what buyers are looking for and connecting that information to what you home has to offer will contribute to the price. Our specialist property consultants will give you hints & tips on how to sell your property for more and also help establish a individualised marketing campaign to attract as many buyers as possible to your property.