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Signs you might need to change your property manager

How often do you analyse your relationship with your property manager? While everything may seem to be running fine on the surface, there can be signs that suggest it’s time to switch. Asking yourself these questions can be a good start to evaluating the quality of your property management service.

Are your communications responded to promptly, or do you have to follow up emails and calls?

- High staff turn over and you experience constant changes of Property Managers who don't know you or your property.

- Are you able to access your investment property information 24/7?

Does rent come into your account consistently, or do you find it being transferred at different times each month?

When tenants move out, how long does it take for the property to be filled? and are you provided with regular open home feedback and current market information?

- Does your Property Manager conduct open for inspections on a Saturday when your property is vacant?

- For routine home inspections, does your Property Manager invite you to attend? conduct them regularly and are they documented in detail to ensure nothing is missed?

- Are repairs seen to promptly by quality, registered tradespeople?

- Is your existing agent assessing the rent annually to ensure it stays in line with the current market?

You deserve the very best service from your property manager. If you feel you’re not getting that, it might be time to change ..... But how can you do this? 

You can change your property manager at any time with the right process:

All you need to do is simply complete the form below and Raine & Horne will take care of the rest:

  • We will prepare the Management Authority for you to sign.
  • We will prepare a letter for you to sign and forward it to your current agent, advising them of the change.
  • We contact your tenants and reassure them there will be very little disruption.
  • We collect all of the relevant documentation from the previous agent.
  • We review the rental return according to current market conditions if vacant or at the next lease renewal.
  • We will conduct a routine inspection of the property so we become familiar with your investment property.
  • We then provide ongoing support, professional advice and 5 star personaised service.

Is that it?

Yes! Your property will be taken over by us on the prearranged due date, the tenants will commence rental payments care of our agency and you are notified that all has gone ahead smoothly!