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Tips For Tenants

Tips for tenants Tips for tenants

Things to Consider Before Choosing A Rental Property

A rental checklist is a list of items to check in the house or flat that you are considering renting. Sometimes when you look at places you may forget to check things. The rental checklist will help to jog your memory. Check these features: Yes/ No/ Not Important

  • Is the rent within your budget?
  • Is the house in good condition?
  • Turn on the taps - is the water pressure strong or weak?
  • Will you need a laundry?
  • Does the bathroom or toliet leak?
  • Does the stove/hot water service work?
  • Is there a TV aerial and connection to it?
  • Any repairs required?
  • Are there signs of rats or other pest?
  • Is the house near public transport, a school or under a flight path?
  • Do you need a parking space?
  • Is ther a garden or lawn? Are you responsible for garden maintenance?
  • Do any the walls need painting?
  • Check if the landlord will arrange this or give you a reduction in rent to organise the painting yourselves
  • Is there a telephone and connection available?
  • Is there shopping and other necessary facilities nearby?
  • Is the house secure?

Know What Is Expected Of You?

Understanding your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid or quickly resolve differences with your neighbours, real estate agent or landlord.

Before deciding to rent a property there are a few rules and regulations you need to know. A residential Tenancy Agreement or 'lease' will be drawn up. This is a legal contract that both you and your landlord must abide by.

The lease should include information such as:

  • Location of the property
  • Rent amount
  • Bond amount
  • Bond amount
  • Start and end date of your tenancy
  • The landlord's name

Condition Report

Once you have signed a lease/ tenancy agreement and paid a bond you should be provided with a condition report. This report records the condition of the property. Check it carefully and immediately discuss any issues with the landlord.

Tips: Photographs are a good way to record the condition of the property when you first move in. Keep these in case the landlord objects about returning your bond at the end of your tenancy.

Tenant And Landlord Obligations

As a tenant you are obliged to do the following:

  • Keep the property clean.
  • Avoid damaging the property and inform the landlord ASAP if any damage is done.
  • Ask for permission to install fixtures or make alterations, renovations etc.
  • Avoid being a nuisance to the landlord or neighbours.
  • Not participate in anything illegal on the property.
  • Your landlord is obliged to
  • Keep the premises in good repair
  • Ensure the property is secure by making sure all doors have locks and windows are secure.
  • Immediately provide the tenant with a new key after changing any locks.
  • Avoid disturbing tenants unnecessarily.