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4 Things Real Estate Agents Are Too Scared To Tell You

Published over 1 year ago

These days, the state of the Australian real estate market has been a less than encouraging environment for sellers. With inventory on the rise and sale prices falling, many would rather blame the economy than themselves for the lack of interest in their house. Ask any excellent real es...


Redcliffe Festival Of Sails

Published over 1 year ago

Looking for something to do this Good Friday with friends or the family? Be shore side for the spectacular start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. The Redcliffe Festival of Sails is an annual event which takes place on the foreshore of Suttons Beach on the Redcliffe Peninsula with markets,...


5 Reasons Why a DIY Move Will Cost More Than Hiring Removalists

Published over 1 year ago

It’s the dawn of a new Do-It-Yourself era and people are pretty convinced that DIY is easy and won’t hurt the bank. Unfortunately, not everything can be done DIY - especially moving. Think about all the packing, cleaning, lifting and loading work that needs to be done, add to that the trouble of...


The Things You Shouldn't Do When Renovating Your Home

Published over 1 year ago

We are huge fans of DIY projects and making your home a nicer place to live in. If you can’t be creative with your living space, where can you be creative? However, there are some jobs around the home that are better off being done by professionals. So let’s take a look at things that you sho...


9 Ways to Prevent Mould and Mildew in Your Bathroom

Published over 1 year ago

Many people believe that mould is inevitable in bathrooms.  The good news is that with the right preventative measures it needn’t be. As you may know, mould or mildew is a kind of fungi which is common in homes around the world, particularly moist areas. It usually spreads through airbor...


Need To Sell Fast? Reasons You Should Avoid Personalising Your Home

Published over 1 year ago

First impressions matter in many areas of life – selling a home is no different. Owners often think their personal style will be received positively by buyers. This is a mistake, as what is well-loved by one can be seen as tacky or even offensive by others.Need to sell your property fast? In ...


The Bathroom Blitz | Making The Most Out Of A Small Space

Published over 1 year ago

Many bathroom design articles and shows focus on making over spaces so large you could play a match of cricket within its walls. However, most of us have less square metres to play with; thus, a different approach is often required. Here's how you can turn these functional rooms into a place ...


Design Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing Your Home For A Sale

Published over 1 year ago

There is more to selling a house than putting an ad up and waiting for the offers to roll in. To get outstanding photos for your listing and to have impressive viewings, you need to properly stage your home. Removing personal touches from the home allows prospectives to see your space as theirs....


5 Tips To A Greener Home

Published over 1 year ago

Whether you are building from scratch or buying a pre-existing house there are always ways to be more environmentally friendly. For most of us the family home is the biggest contributor to our individual carbon footprint. The best way to reduce our individual impact on the planet is to live in gr...


Hiring A Professional Photographer Can Boost Home Sales

Published over 1 year ago

Appearances are everything when buying a home. From curb appeal to how a vase of flowers is arranged, impressions matter. However, first contact isn't made at your front door – it's when they come across your 'for sale' advertisement. Unfortunately, many qualified buyers are lost at this stage,...


Spotting Investment Opportunities in Real Estate

Published over 1 year ago

According to RP Data and the Census Data from 2011 only 7.9% of Australians own an investment property, even though property is a national past-time. And only 0.068% own six or more investment properties. A lot of people are overwhelmed by the process and quit before they even begin but ...


5 Common Mistakes In Property Investing

Published over 1 year ago

Property investing has long been a mainstay of investment strategy in Australia – for both novices and experts alike. Yet, as rewarding and effective as property can be as an investment, there are some pitfalls that are unfortunately all too common. These can render investments potentially in...