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Selecting the agent to sell your property

The key to successfully selling your home is choosing the right real estate agent, a professional with local market expertise and selling experience, that can provide up to date information on pricing, financing, marketing and the housing market in general.

Throughout the sale an agent will act on your behalf, providing 
advice and guidance to help you evaluate buyer offers.

Which agent should I choose?

When choosing an agent you should consider the reputation of the
real estate agency, the sales agents track record in real estate,
recent sales and knowledge of the local area.

On a personal level you should consider how agents present
themselves and the rapport you have with them. When selling
your home you want someone you can communicate openly with
and trust.

The advantage of a national and international real estate network
over independent operators should not be overlooked. At Raine
& Horne, clients have immediate access to specialist advice and
promotion through our invaluable inter office referral system.

For properties requiring exposure and successful marketing
beyond the local market place, our network of offices throughout
Australia and internationally are called into action.

Why sell with Raine & Horne?


Raine & Horne has been providing professional advice and service
to satisfy the real estate needs of clients. The company enjoys a
reputation and goodwill said to be unequalled in the industry.


Since 1883, Raine & Horne has had one of the highest nationwide
sales turnovers in the industry and enjoyed strong success through
peaks and troughs in the market.

The role of the real estate agent

When you decide to sell your home, one of the first decisions
is whether you are going to sell through a real estate agent or
privately. In Australia, about 90% of sales are made through real
estate agents.

Brand recognition

Raine & Horne is a powerful, widely respected brand associated
with experience and quality service. When your property is listed
for sale with Raine & Horne it will be noticed by more buyers
because of the reach and power of the brand.

Professional agents

To achieve Raine & Horne s envied reputation as a leader in real
estate, the company s agents receive the best quality training to
ensure clients benefit from the latest marketing strategies and
selling techniques.


Raine & Horne s powerful website (rh.com.au) features easy to use
resources for buyers, sellers, renters and landlords. This innovative
tool is consistently ranked as a top industry site in Australia,
with tens of thousands of properties displayed and thousands of
individual visitors recorded each day.

Our network

Clients benefit from the flow of referrals and information from
Raine & Horne s extensive network of national and international
offices. Properties can be marketed locally, regionally, nationally
and internationally giving sellers a huge exposure that is direct,
cost effective and well informed.

Creative selling

When selling property with Raine & Horne, clients can make use
of the organisation s creative marketing ideas, ‘top of the class
auction practice and ability to offer national and international