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Tips for a Smooth Sale

The First and Last View

The front of your home is the picture in your buyers mind. Make sure your lawns are mowed and edged, replace the dead and dying plants mulch with bark chip or similar to finish off.

The Out and Up Views

A house always looks bigger and brighter through sparkling windows. Cob webs have there place but around the eves makes your home look less cared for than we know it really is.

Too Lived In

As much as we love the warmth of a lived in home too much life can scare people away. Make sure those working rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry are sparkling, this helps to enhance the benefits of each room. Put the kid’s room on this list too, we know how much they love to live.

If it’s not broken don’t fix – If it is broken then fix it

Holes in the walls, blown light bulbs, cracks in walls or ceilings, and all those things that will make people think and want to negotiate the wrong way with your property price.

Who Let the Dog Out

We love them, they’re cute but remember you may be selling to a postman and we know how much they hate the postman. Don’t be upset when someone doesn’t love your pet the way you do, so avoid the disappointment and keep your animals away form your buyers.

Smell the Roses

Well anything that smells great will be value to the sale. Flowers will leave both a welcoming scent and a lasting picture. Speak to your florist ask them if you leave their cards near your flowers during the sale process will they give you a better price.

Don’t Leave the Wrong Mark

Check your walls and carpets for any unwanted marks. Scrub them and shampoo them and you will see your reward at the end of the process.

Don’t Get a Shock at the End

By law you need to declare if your home has a safety switch. It’s peace of mind for all if you’ve got one.


The better the lasting impression the better your selling price will be.