The Official R&H Superbrand

One of Australia's most trusted brands

Raine & Horne has achieved enviable status as an officially recognised Superbrand. It was voted as one of Australia’s most trusted brands by the Superbands Council, a voluntary panel of highly respected and experienced individuals from the fields of business and marketing.

Raine & Horne shares this enviable rating with the likes of iconic Australian brands such as Qantas, Vegemite, Woolworths and Myer.

Brand Values

Raine & Horne is rated as one of Australia’s highest profile real estate companies, with extremely high recall among buyers and sellers.

This iconic Australian property firm’s famous yellow and black colours are synonymous with real estate – this is the power of the Raine & Horne brand.

The network’s famous ‘We’ll look after you’ campaign, which dates back to the 1980s, has also been successful in underlining Raine & Horne’s commitment to customer care as an Australian family business, and raising brand awareness.

Put simply, people are more likely to contact a company they know and have a connection with, rather than an agent they scarcely recognise. This is the Raine & Horne marketing advantage.

Things You Didn’t Know About Raine & Horne

  • Raine & Horne got its start looking after Vaucluse House and the expansive Wentworth Estate on behalf of famous 19th Century politician, human rights activist and publisher, William Charles Wentworth.
  • Raine & Horne secured another early break in 1883 when it sold the Cooper Estate on behalf of emancipist Daniel Cooper.
  • Raine & Horne is still 100% family owned and in the hands of its fourth generation.
  • The first suburban office was opened in 1968 in the Roma Arcade in Double Bay, Sydney.
  • The first franchise office was at Liverpool, Sydney in 1976.
  • In 1982, the 100th office was opened in Armidale, NSW.
  • Longest serving employee was Mr Harold Horsley, who chalked up more than 60 years.
  • Current chairman Angus Raine, is fourth generation to head up the firm.