Schedule of Fee's

Property Management Schedule of Fee’s & Information Sheet

At Raine & Horne Shailer Park we believe in being transparent, that is why unlike other agencies, we don’t hide our schedule of fees… we believe you should know how much you’re paying up front, enabling you to easily decide who is best to manage your property.

Transfer From Another Agency | FREE

It’s easy to transfer from another agency to Raine & Horne Shailer Park. Just call 3801 1711 and we’ll handle it all for you. (We contact your current agent and take care of the transfer including paperwork, keys and bond) it won’t cost you anything to move over.  We do this because we care about you, your property and our quality customer service.


Management Fee | Only 7% + GST

At Raine & Horne Shailer Park we like to keep things simple, therefore we only charge a flat fee of 7% + GST.

Letting Fee | 1 Weeks rent + GST

With Raine & Horne Shailer Park you will only pay 1 weeks rent as the letting fee on the 1st tenancy agreement we manage for you and any additional new tenancy agreement.  This fee does not apply to a letting renewal where the same tenant signs a lease to stay longer.  Some real estate agencies charge a letting fee of 2 weeks rent for every 12 month lease.

Advertising | Options available from 0 to $400 + GST

When advertising your property for rent there are numerous advertising options available.  These are reliant on elements such as location, demand, dwelling type and season.  As a guide, the average cost is $95 + GST, but our team will clearly outline all options to you. 

Inventory Report | $70.00 + GST (if applicable)

If your property is furnished we will do a comprehensive inventory on tenant entry and exit.

Tribunal Fee | $80 per hour +GST

If we ever need to represent you in court or at tribunal, we charge a minimal fee.  In 99% of cases most issues are resolved before it gets to this point. 


SERVICES – FREE...  This is not a misprint!!

At Raine & Horne Shailer Park we pride ourselves on providing a quality property management service.  We understand the importance of your investment property and the need to have trust in your property management team.  We guarantee to provide communication that is transparent, exceptional quality service and a fee structure that is simple and affordable.

Reletting Fee (same tenant) | FREE

When a current tenant renews their lease, you won’t have to pay another letting fee!

Lease Preparation Fee | FREE

We’ll draw up a new lease for you as we consider this part of our customer service.

Monthly Administration Fee | FREE

At Raine & Horne Shailer Park we like to keep things simple and easy to deal with, therefore our monthly admin fee cost is included in the management fee.  Some real estate agencies charge an administration fee, postage fee and sundries fee totalling up to $20 per month.

Postage Fee | Sundries Fee | 

Every month we’ll send you a statement via email, not snail mail.  Therefore postage & sundries fees are not needed. This additionally helps our environment and saves you money.

Annual Financial Year Statement Fee | FREE

To help you during tax time, we’ll give you a summary of the entire financial year, this will be emailed to you at no charge.

Ingoing, Outgoing & Routine Condition Reports | FREE

Each property will be inspected before a tenant entry, every 3-4 months (dependant on the tenants availability) and after a tenant vacates.  A written & thorough report on the condition of the property will be provided to you.  We take digital photos and video, to compare the property condition from start to finish of a tenancy.  This provides digital evidence of the property if ever required in court.

Rent Reviews | FREE

Conducted before each new tenancy

Service of Notices | FREE

Default or termination notices to the tenant

Maintenance & Repairs | FREE

We will organise qualified trades and on your approval we will manage the repair until completion.  You pay only for the cost of the repairs. 

No Hidden Costs

Why don’t real estate agencies advertise their schedule of fees?  A ploy some agencies use is to only disclose some fees when you enquire with them, enticing you to sign with them, before disclosing their full schedule of fees, which can all add up and cost you a lot of money. 

At Raine & Horne Shailer Park we believe in being transparent, that is why unlike other agencies, we don’t hide our schedule of fees… we are honest, upfront and pride ourselves on our quality of service.  We provide a service that we would expect to receive ourselves.

To discuss your rental property needs, our transparent flat fee or our quality services, please call our Raine & Horne Shailer Park property management team for a chat on (07) 3801 1711.