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When to apply for a Jindabyne Rental

When to apply will change with personnel circumstance however as a rough guide you can use the following information as to when the bulk of property rentals are available and to secure the best possible chance of being successful in a rental application on a Jindabyne property.


12 Month permanent rental

Generally advertised from mid-September  to April. The properties are usually most abundant for Jindabyne and surrounding areas after the close of the snow season (early October). The closer it gets to the new snow season in early June the less permanent rentals will be available. If properties have not been tenanted on a 12-month permanent lease by April they are often converted to a winter only or holiday lease. You will need to start organising yourself so you are ready to apply by the end of September.


15-16 week winter seasonal lease

These properties usually begin to be advertised towards the end of January for a lease commencement early June. The properties do have multiple applications on each and the Winter seasonal staff can often still be struggling to secure a bed even after confirming employment. The sooner you can secure staff accommodation the better and it will require you to be very organised. 

Click here for tips on producing your application.


Summer lease

Probably the easiest to secure these are advertised from mid-September through to February and are quite numerous. The multitude of the winter seasonal properties often convert to summer leases over the warmer months. This accompanied by less demand means availability is high but bear in mind come June and the snow season you will need to look for something again.



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