Repairs and Maintenance Requests

Urgent repairs...

We have provided a list of what are considered to be urgent repairs to our tenants along with their lease agreement for their information.

Urgent repairs must be actioned without hesitation to ensure that no further damage is caused and there is no risk caused to any persons. Our agency must be contacted immediately in this instance and if the agent can not be contacted at this time we ask the tenants refer to their copy of the lease agreement for our list of tradespeople to call in case of an emergency.

Please click here for a PDF on what is constituted as an 'urgent repair' as well as the expected actions of a tenant in an emergency repairs situation.


Non-Urgent repairs...

Our property management department here at Raine & Horne Strathfield prefer that any repairs/ maintenance issues/ requests are lodged in writing to our agency. It is not necessary to complete a repairs request form however we have this available to tenants at the base of this section.

In written format, either via email, fax or hand written and handed in at our office we require the name of the tenant, address of the property (as rented through our agency) and the requested works to be carried out at the property. The owner is not obliged to fix every issue however the property must remain in a reasonable state of repair.

Light bulbs, battery changes on smoke detectors, general lawn/ garden maintenance and cleaning of the internal and external property is the responsibility of the tenants unless otherwise agreed upon.

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