Tenant Selection Process

Selecting the right tenant for your investment is of paramount importance to our Real Estate Agency here at Raine & Horne Strathfield.

This is a task that we do not undertake lightly as we realise that careless and uninformed choices usually lead to undesirable tenants and this is simply not an option.


The Application Form:

This document provides our agency with all the information we require to know in regards to the personal contact details of each tenant, their previous tenancy history, employment status, contact details for referees etc.

To accompany this document we request at least 100 points worth of identification from each applicant- the options are listed on the inner cover of our application form and include such items as passport, visa, photographic identification i.e.Driver's license or proof of age card, current bank statement report, pay slips, health care card, bills issued in the applicant's name etc.

If a student is applying to rent a property through our agency we ask that a copy of the COE Form (Enrolment form) is supplied along with the application. We will also require information pertaining to how the rent will be paid if only students will be residing within the premises. We ask for original copies to be presented to our agency or alternatively will site and copy these documents in office.

The applicant has the choice to arrange for our free utility connection in signing and agreeing to be contacted in this regard and we have found that this minimises the number of tenants who move into properties devoid of electricity/ gas and telephone/ internet connection.

As well as our standard application form tenants also have the ability to apply online via One Form (the link will appear at the base of our rental adverts). These application forms are equally as comprehensive and allow the tenants to upload documents to submit in conjunction with the application to fulfil the 100 point checklist requirement.


Selecting the right applicant for your investment property:

Once all applications have been received we collect the application forms for review and scrutinise the information provided prior to checking references. This is an important step that simply cannot be looked over as if an application is taken purely at face value this can lead to potential issues in the future.

Once a successful applicant has been chosen from the collection this applicant is then contacted and asked to pay a one week holding deposit for the property (which will go towards the first two weeks rent required at the commencement of any tenancy).

We require confirmation of this payment before we remove the listing from all sites on which it appears.

Unsuccessful applicants are then informed of the decision however all applications are kept on file in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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