Tips and Advice - Selling

First impressions are lasting; therefore the presentation of your property is critical in creating interest from potential purchasers.
Below are some simple suggestions that will improve the presentation of your property and help you achieve the highest possible price.

Exteriors - A bright and cheery home invites inspection. Keep your lawn trimmed and edged and the flower beds cultivated. Be sure that the windows are sparkling. Remove leaves from the paths and verandas. 
Remove obstructions - Remove any objects from the floor such as children’s toys which might cause accidents. Keep the front entrance and stairways clear. 
Sparkling interior - Clean the walls, floors and skirting and marks on the carpet or around light switches. Put clutter away neatly in cupboards, clear table and counter tops and don’t leave dishes in the sink. A thorough house cleaning will give your home that well-kept look. 
Odours - refresh your house and remove any bad or strong odours. 
Storage and closet space - Storage is an important feature. Remove all the unnecessary articles that have accumulated. 
Fix faults - Repair defects that can annoy buyers such as dripping taps, sticking doors, loose tiles, etc. 
Bedrooms and bathrooms - Neat orderly rooms look larger. Tidy up the bedroom for a spacious appearance. Check and double check your bathroom. Bright and clean bathrooms sell many houses. 
Leave the house - Avoid having too many people present during inspections. The prospect will feel crowded and uncomfortable. Do not accompany the prospect or the representative. 
Remove animals from the house - Animals can get in the way and some people are allergic or don't like animals. 
Background sound - If you choose to play music make sure it is subtle, turn off the TV and radio – they can distract people. Let the sales representative and the buyer talk, free of distractions and disturbances. 


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