Karen Neely - Rentals



Senior Property Manager

Renowned for her strong skills in Property Management, Karen brings a loyal commitment to all of her clientele in a professional and ethical manner. Karen’s strongest skills include, up to date knowledge of all Real Estate practice’s, her strong beliefs in procedures, high level of negotiating skills and ability to resolve conflict in a calm and professional manner.

Committed to meeting clients every need, Karen understands the dynamics of the rental market and the advantages to be gained for owners from having their property maintained in top condition. Karen is very mindful of her responsibility that is vested in her by owners as their property manager. She can be relied upon to expertly handle every aspect of their asset to ensure it provides them with the maximum return on investment.

While not at the office, Karen enjoys spending time with her family in Sunbury having raised very successfully 2 daughters and 1 son. Karen combines her family life with her career in a positive and successful manner.


Ph    .    (03) 9744 6334

E      .    [email protected]