Randolph Clements - Director


Randolph Clements, Victorian Chairman of Raine & Horne, commenced a dynamic and rewarding real estate career in 1975. By the early 90s he had accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight into the Australian property market and was ready for a new challenge. He explored and closely observed various real estate franchise operations over a period of a few years – and decided that one stood out. After a carefully considered decision, Randolph took over state ownership and rights of Raine & Horne and became Master Franchisor of Raine & Horne Victoria in 1996.

Randolph maintains the same level of energy and enthusiasm for this exciting industry as when he first started. He maintains an intensive fitness program, including swimming four days a week and gym work twice a week. He enjoys a regular game of golf and maintains a low, single-figure handicap. Randolph’s health regime and lively young family help keep mind and body fit, active and ready to tackle economic and business challenges as they arise – as well as celebrate triumphs as they are achieved