Jayden Manno

Licensed Estate Agent / Auctioneer / Sales Consultant


Real estate hits a chord with Jayden Manno. It also flows in his veins. So it was no surprise to anyone that he became a Licensed Estate Agent and Auctioneer.

Back in the 90s, young Jayden spent hours breathing it all in at his family’s local real estate agency, where his dad auctioned properties, his mum managed reception, and Jayden put out the boards and flags, watching excitedly as the crowds began to gather.

Today, Jayden is more than comfortable in front of a crowd. The former lead singer knows how to engage, whether that’s belting out a pub rock anthem or auctioneering record breaking results. He is, however, very careful not to break any of his beloved vinyl records.

He treats his clients with that same care and dedication. Jayden loves the people focus of real estate. It’s a chance to build relationships and to help people to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Jayden is a skilled negotiator who thinks on his feet, while his eyes remain firmly on the detail. He has a natural ability to bring parties together, creating the bubble of trust that leads to solutions. That success has translated into multiple ‘Salesperson of the Year’ awards.

Jayden has a young family, so the location and community spirit of the area suits him down the ground.

So when you’re looking for ground to call home, it’d be a wise move to get in touch with someone in the neighbourhood who lives and breathes real estate. Contact Jayden today.