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With respect to the reality and fact that some people are being more adversely affected by COVID than others with their health, family, friends, employment, work commitments and financial situation, there are often positives to be found in every situation and circumstance, depending on how we view change.  For good or for bad…take a moment (with a different outlook/mindset) to think about the potential positive outcomes that may have resulted over the past months.

  • Have you been able to spend more time at home with your family?
  • Have you been given financial assistance that you would not normally receive?
  • Have you been forced into right-sizing your business or life in general?
  • Were you facing financial hardship that has now been put on pause/hold to allow you the time out to work towards a solution?
  • Have you been using technology to virtually connect in real-time to communicate with family, friends and work associates, who you did not usually connect with face-to-face outside of a telephone call?
  • Have you been able to access money to do things that you would not usually be able to do?
  • Have circumstances allowed you to have additional time to action, update or improve your business operations that you had been putting off?

There is good and bad in every shift or change…

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