Is a Managing Agent Necessary?

Some new investors decide they will try to 'save money' by managing their own investment property. The assumption is that the only real work is selecting and installing a tenant...

However, most investors soon realise there is a much higher level of expertise involved to maximise income and minimise expenditure. Once they begin to look after the property on a day to day basis, they become aware that they cannot do the work cost-effectively.

Tenancy legislation is complicated and best left to experts; the novice needs to spend a disproportionate amount of time navigating through the rules and regulations to ensure they get it right...and even then there is a degree of worry that they haven't thought of everything.

Most investors experience immense relief when they hand over management to an expert who has up-to-date knowledge and training to prevent problems developing and resolve any current problems quickly and effectively. Coupled with this enormous relief, most investors report an increase in their net income and also their leisure time.

Our efficient and successful property management team is committed to providing its home owners and investors with the advice and service necessary to ensure maximum financial return in prevailing market conditions.

As well as attending to ‘standard’ management obligations such as providing a market value, monthly statements and mediation services, we offer the support required to maintain the property at its best, in the interests of preserving asset value. And as a landlord, you have access to the resources and marketing necessary to select the best possible occupant for your property.

If you are a property owner, there is no greater comfort than the knowledge that your investment is in the hands of professionals who take pride in caring for your property the way it should be.

So there is simply no better choice for total property management in Tamworth.