Springtime in Tin Can Bay

It is the season again!  Everything suddenly looks even more beautiful and inviting. Good time to show your property if you are a seller.. Good time to fall in love with a house if you are in the market to buy.

As a matter of  fact, the recent up surge in sales enquiries and sales, support and feed optimism, whether you are a buyer, a seller or like myself a real estate professional..

Generally speaking, it can be said that the market is still fragile..   The slight decline in prices has affected the market, revealing one more time that the move-up buyers cannot buy or don’t want to pay hefty prices if they took a hit selling their existing homes.

You might ask “What’s so good for the sellers?” as I seemed to allude to earlier? Well, at least the market is more alive. The cleansing process is bringing more sanity to the market. The inventory of homes is down.   It means that the “months of supply” are shrinking big time and the sales are up accordingly.

If you are a buyer, enjoy the good prices while they last. You may want to move to a higher gear as listings, whether existing or new to market, are moving a lot faster.

As for us here at Raine and Horne Tin Can Bay we are ready for better days. They are looking at us and you too.     Robin Creighton.  0417704582.