Processing Your Application

Firstly, we check that we’ve received all application forms from everyone wishing to apply with you.

  1. We then make sure that you’ve filled out absolutely everything we need on our end, and that we’ve received all your documentation.
  2. We’ll then cross reference your identification to make sure that all the details provided line-up correctly.
  3. We then do a basic affordability test for all people applying on your lease.
  4. We’ll then contact your employer and ensure that your employment and income details are correct.
  5. We then screen candidates through a rental database to ensure that we’re fully aware of any discrepancies from the past.
  6. Once we have compiled all this information, we’ll contact the property owner who’ll make the final decision on which application to progress.
  7. We will then contact the successful applicant and organise a time to sign the lease.