What a great job, and fabulous team effort to raise $7,571.00 for the Cancer Council from our little team!!! Not only that, but we had a terrific time at the Showground and I have attached a photo to show everyone how fantastic our site looked!!!! Especially at the end of the 24 hours, as we were a tired looking lot by then!

Our efforts did not go unrewarded - we ended up coming first for the number of laps walked, so we were the walking champions! We managed an outstanding 658 laps, and some of the team managed to stay up all night, and in doing so, meant that we had a team member on the track at all times!!! Not a mean feat, I can tell you! The person who did the most laps, was Paul Durand, he just kept on going!!!


Some big thank you's to:

- all who donated and to all who participated

- to all those who provided food for the team on the day

- to those who provided the decorations for our site, especially the Milton Ulladulla Pre-School for the technicolour beach umbrella. Amazing job kids!!

- to our amazing Blake who was willing to put himself out there!


Biggest thank you to the Durand family for allowing us to be a part of their daughter's journey, it has been a privilege for all of us, and it was inspiring to see Briddy there on the day and to see her whole family participating!!!