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As this is a constantly changing situation, we advise all tenants to keep a regular check on the official Australian Government updates and guidelines by visiting


The information below is correct at the time it is being provided; however, we reserve the right to update this should the COVID-19 situation change.  


Have you been overseas? Are you in self-isolation?


We ask all tenants who have recently been overseas or may already be in self-isolation to let us know as soon as possible. This confirmation would be best received in writing by emailing us at [email protected].


It’s crucial for us to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else who may in normal circumstances be required to come on-site or visit your property. Please let us know immediately if you may fall into this category of recently travelling or self-isolation. 


Routine inspections and property viewings


Both property managers and tenants have ongoing legal and insurance obligations relating to routine inspections and property viewings etc and COVID-19 does not remove these.  Any tenant who is unwell or in self-isolation should inform us immediately by emailing [email protected].


For the safety of staff and tenants, we have decided to suspend all routine inspections indefinitely. When deemed safe to do so, we will resume conducting routine inspections of all of our properties in accordance with their due date.


Property maintenance and repairs


Please continue to inform us of any repairs or maintenance required at your property, as per your obligations under the tenancy agreement. It’s important to understand in this ever-changing situation that emergency repairs will be prioritised, and any non-urgent repairs will be dealt with on a case by case basis. An emergency repair can be classed as anything which is likely to cause injury to people or property should it not be fixed, or something that is legally required to be in place e.g. hot water, electricity etc. We have also informed our tradespeople on the extra precautions we would like them to take whilst attending to repairs and maintenance at your property.


Rental payments and arrears


Tenants are required to continue paying rent as per their obligations under the tenancy agreement and sections of the relevant of the Act. We understand, however, that situations may arise due to COVID-19 on a case by case basis. If for any reason your ability to pay rent by its required date may be compromised, you should let us know immediately, in writing, by emailing  [email protected] or by completing our Tenant Hardship Application. Our standard arrears monitoring process remains in place throughout this situation, and breach notices will continue to be sent, where applicable. We encourage your open and transparent communication in respect of your rental payments. 


Health & safety obligations


Under the health and safety acts across Australia, we have an obligation to ensure the health and safety of all those may be involved with accessing or being onsite at your property. This can be you, your property manager, tradespeople or any attendee at a property viewing.


For this reason, we again ask that all tenants who have recently been overseas or may already be in self-isolation to let us know as soon as possible. This confirmation would be best received in writing by emailing us at [email protected].


General consideration around disruption


The COVID-19 situation continues to change on an almost daily basis and during this time we will be fielding a large volume of calls and enquiries. We ask for your consideration during this time, however, if your matter is urgent please call or text us on 0401 934 178.


We thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this situation and stress that your health, wellbeing and safety are paramount to us. We encourage open communication at all times should you have any concerns or questions and advise all tenants to continue checking the regular updates posted on the Australian Government website.