Our Property Management Services

We understand your property is a significant asset which is why our team are here to ensure your property is managed with the highest amount of attention which extends far beyond the traditional property management relationship.

Our property management services include:

Marketing & Photography: You never get a second chance at a great first impression so it’s important that the moment your property goes live that we attract the best suited tenants to our first open house. All our properties are professional photographed and feature on all premium advertising portals.

Quality Tenant Selection: Every tenant who is considered for one of our properties undergoes a rigorous screening process. The applications are then provided to you for your review with a summarised report on each applicant as well as our recommendations. All tenants are screened through a National Tenancy Database as well as with their current employer and real estate agent.

Ingoing Inspection Report: Prior to a tenant moving in our property managers will complete a comprehensive ingoing report as well as take a large number of photos of your property both internally and externally.

Routine Inspections: We will undertake regular inspections of your property, ensuring that it is well cared for and attend to any property repairs promptly. All inspections are in accordance with legislative constraints and a detailed report along with photographs is provided following each inspection. First inspection will occur within the first three months of the tenant moving in and thereafter every six months.

Regular Rent Reviews: Our goal is to assist you in gaining the maximum rental return so we undertake regular rental reviews to ensure it is in line with market trends and you are getting the most from your investment. You will be contacted two months prior to any fixed lease expiring to ensure the relevant notices are served onto your tenants in time for when the lease is to be renewed.

Lease Renewals: In order to minimise vacancy and rent loss it is our office policy to ensure all our tenants leases remain in a fixed contract. We also avoid re-signing leases with our tenants with an expiry date ending in December or January as we know how difficult it can be to let properties during this period.

Rental Arrears: To minimise any possible loss to you, our Property Managers follow a strict process to recover late or unpaid rent. All steps taken are in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and we keep you informed at each step of the process.

Property Maintenance: We respond promptly to all repairs and maintenance requests raised by our tenants and only work with fully licensed and insured tradespeople who are thoroughly screened before being appointed to perform any work. You will be notified immediately of any repairs prior to any work being carried out.

Landlord Payments: To ensure prompt disbursement of your rental proceeds, our offices will transfer funds directly into your nominated financial institution account so you can access them whenever you like. Payments can be made fortnightly or monthly.

Payments of property accounts: We can arrange the re-direction and payment of any accounts relating to the property on your behalf.

For a free no obligation Rental Appraisal or meeting with one of our qualified property manager please call us on 02 9725 1445