15 Hints



1. Mow your lawns, trim your edges, cultivate garden beds and pull out weeds. The   last thing a buyer wants to pay top price for a jungle.


2. Ensure that carpets are vacuumed and tiled floors are mopped clean.


3. Remove any scuff marks on walls.


4. Do everything possible to make your kitchen look like something straight out of “Home Beautiful”. Make sure your oven and stove are sparkling clean, and benches are cleared free of dishes.


5. Clean your windows and dust window sills.


6. Display the full value of your cupboard and storage space by removing all necessary bits and pieces you’ve accumulated.


7. Bright cheery bathrooms sell houses. Remember?


8. Neat orderly rooms given the impression of being larger than they really are. So it’s important to remove clutter, tidy every room and make your home look spacious.


9. Repair any defect, which has been annoying you for ages and is likely to annoy your buyer. Typical examples include, dripping taps, sticking doors/drawers, cracked ceiling and broken windows/spouting. Once you’ve completed all the “clean up, fix up” jobs (and perhaps dotted a few indoor plants around the house) your home is ready for inspection.


10.  The fewer people present during an inspection the better. If there is a crowd, prospects often feel intimidated and hurry through the house. Most buyers feel more comfortable if accompanied by the sales person.


11.  If you are at home when we arrange to bring a prospect through your home, be courteous, but do not force conversation with the buyer. He is there to make a calculated investment decision – not a social call.


12.  Never apologise for the appearance of your home. If an objection is raised let the voice of an experienced Raine & Horne salesperson answer it.


13.  Never assume a prospect likes pets wandering around the house. If you have one, keep it outside.


14.  Radio, stereo and television noise are more likely to distract a buyer than soothe his nerves. It is best to have complete quiet.


15.  One final point. Do not fall for the trap of discussing price, terms, possession or any related matter with a prospective purchaser. We are far better equipped to negotiate the sale in your favor at your asking price.