Servicing Prospective Buyers

This emphasises how our company follows – up motivated and qualified prospective buyers. 

  • We contact each buyer after the open for inspections to get feedback on the property inspected and to qualify them as a buyer. Relevant details are then entered into our database. 
  • We categorise the buyers depending on their level of motivation to secure a property. Our team is in almost constant contact with highly motivated buyers.  
  • Key questions we ask the buyer/s:


                - General thoughts on subject property

                - How long have you been looking?

                - Have you seen anything recently that suited your requirements?

                - How much did it sell for?

                - If so, did you bid at auction or make an offer to purchase the property?

                - What price range do you feel this property is in?

                - Are you ready to buy now or do you need to sell first? 

  • We contact interested buyers regularly on the subject property throughout the campaign to touch base, and then importantly in the week leading up to the auction to remind them of the following: 


                1. The auction time.

                2. We are open 30 minutes prior to that time.

                3. The contracts will be on display for perusal.

                4. To establish if there are any final questions.

                5. To confirm whether they are intending to bid with a view to securing the property.

  • Regular phone contact is made by a team member to refer properties and assist with any property matters.