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Landlord Information

Why Choose Raine&Horne Soultani Group Blacktown

to Manager your Investment?

Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown is a full-service real estate agency with a reputation for expertise and a commitment to excellence. We take the management of your investment property seriously and believe our proactive approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. The consistent growth of our business is due to our proven track record of providing owners with service in which they have 100% confidence that their property is being well cared for.

Our focus is to maximise your return on investment and our trained staff with a hands-on approach, together with our fine-tuned systems and cutting-edge technology, will guarantee your peace of mind throughout your property investment journey. We are committed to providing a level of service unmatched in the industry and will communicate with you regularly about all the important matters relating to the leasing and management of your rental property.

Landlord FAQ’s 

  • What is a Routine Inspection?

Routine inspections are conducted after a tenant takes possession of the property and are conducted regularly by your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager. These inspections are essential to ensure that your property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to identify any maintenance that may be required. A copy of the routine inspection report is forwarded to you after each inspection and should it be necessary, a member of the Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown team will contact you to discuss items noted on the report.

  • How are tenants selected?

All potential tenants go through our selection process and must meet certain criteria. A tenant’s application for a property is based on previous rental history, employment/income, and character references.

All applications we receive are only processed if the tenant has viewed the property or has had someone to view the property on their behalf. The final decision for approval is up to the landlord, however, your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager will offer their opinion based on their previous experience.

  • What should I do if I want to sell my property or arrange a valuation?

That’s easy…. Just notify your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager and they will put you in touch with the sales department for a free, no-obligation sales appraisal.

  • How are maintenance and repairs handled?

This is completely up to you. Should you want to be notified of all repairs first, just let your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager know. If you have a particular tradesperson you would like us to use, that’s fine too. For any large repairs, your property manager would be happy to arrange more than one quote for you.

It is important to note that should an emergency repair occur at the property after office hours, the tenant can arrange for an emergency repair to be carried out without the approval of the agent or owner as per the lease agreement.

We want you to have peace of mind that when it comes to repairs, we ensure our preferred tradespeople are fully qualified and insured so your property is maintained to the highest standard.

  • How should I present my property?

First impressions are critical when a prospective tenant inspects your property. First, decide what sort of tenant you are targeting. There are tenants who want to save money and are happy to live in a property that is not in first class condition. There are others, such as professional people, who are happy to pay top rent, but expect the property to present at its absolute best. There is no doubt that well-presented properties achieve top rents and usually attract the best quality tenants. That adds up to a higher investment return, together with fewer and shorter vacancy periods.

  • How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown understands that vacancies come at a cost to our clients so our number 1 priority is to ensure you have a good quality tenant as quickly as possible. Your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager will have a strong knowledge of current market conditions, offer you valuable property investment advice and know the best marketing strategy to secure you a tenant faster.

  • How is my Property Marketed?

In a crowded marketplace, you need to attract every possible tenant with a high impact, cost-effective campaign that showcases your property to perfection. The key to great results is effective marketing. We create tailored campaigns for each client by considering your property, your market, and latest research and trends so we reach the right prospective tenant at the right time.

The following methods have proven successful for us:

- Website - R& is at the heart of our online presence. With an easy to navigate format with beautiful large photos, our website clearly communicates the important selling features of your property.
- Digital Exclusive to Raine & Horne - Amplify attracts more tenants, increases exposure and guarantees better results for your property. Amplify uses the latest in digital marketing technology to market your property by placing property ads across social media sites and search engines including Facebook, Instagram and Google, targeting audiences based on their online profile and behaviours.
- Property Alerts - Prospective tenants can also sign up to receive regular emails of new properties coming available and inspection times.
- Signboards - Our attractive signboards guarantee a lot of enquiries. Wherever possible we use a signboard on properties that are available for rent.
- Open Houses and Private Appointments - Open inspections are one of the best ways to show a property. They create a sense of competition and urgency, usually helping properties to lease quickly – sometimes with better than expected results.

  • How do you determine the rental price for my property?

Setting the correct market rent will ensure that your property will be rented as soon as possible. In order to achieve you the maximum rent possible, we consider the following factors:

- Market demand – this can be seasonal or affected by other factors.
- Stock availability – what other properties are available right now for rent and how do their location and features compare to your property? This will allow us to calculate a maximum rent for your property.
- Other rentals – how does your property compare to other homes that we have previously rented for other clients?

  • How can I be sure the tenant is not damaging the property?

Although your new tenant was thoroughly screened during the application process, there are no guarantees of any accidents that may occur. However, through the conduction of regular routine inspections, your property manager will be able to advise you of the condition of your investment and any repairs that are required at the property. Should there be any cause for concern your Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown Property Manager will contact you to discuss this.

  • Do I need landlord Insurance?

Yes. It is extremely important that one of your largest investments be covered by insurance. There are several policies out there so be sure to read the fine print so you know what you are covered for. Most policies cover you for loss of rent, malicious damage, public liability and some items of content such as curtains or carpet.

  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay his/her rent on time?

Rent arrears are something we take very seriously. This is why at Raine & Horne Soultani Group Blacktown we have a strict arrears process that our Property Managers adhere by to ensure any arrears are paid as quickly as possible. Communication via phone, email, sms, and by mail, ensures the tenant is made aware of the problem and asked to remedy the arrears immediately. Your property manager will notify you when your tenant becomes in arrears and will discuss the action plan moving forward.

  • Should I accept pets?

More than 60% of Australians own a pet. We recommend taking each application on its merit and we will feed our findings back to you for the final decision. Many pet owners make great tenants.