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Varun Patel

Sales Consultant / Buyers Agent


A truly dedicated professional, Varun Patel is a hardworking agent with an outstanding record.

Based on a history of successfully serving customers in the realm of stockbroking for almost a decade, Varun has a history of helping people to achieve their financial goals.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge to excel in his profession. He enjoys a solid and honest reputation and prides himself not only on his passion but also on his customer service. Varun sees his role as primarily helping people achieve their next goals in life. This drive to understand the value behind building relationships and always striving to empathise with his clients to provide them with the best possible outcome has given Varun a loyal client base, who consistently speak his praises.

Specializing in many areas of real estate, including actively working with buyers, as a Buyers Agent, Varun focuses on learning the core of what his clients are seeking. This has now only become one of his special skills but one of his driving passions to get that best solution that will satisfy their current want and needs but also fulfill their dreams for future capital growth.

An engaged member of the community, Varun also is well affiliated with the region and loves its family-friendly feel. Consistently going above and beyond for both vendors and buyers, and is a trusted person to contact.