Gentrification of Botany

Emerging Cafe Society

“South Sydney Has The Opportunity To Be A Pioneer In Mixed Industrial And Residential Use Development”


Gentrification, renewal, revitalisation, urban regeneration – welcome to Botany.  There is a ‘renewal’ of the area showcasing a mixed use of apartments and trendy coffee shops. Replacing older industrial areas with a sharp inner city mix with apartments, offices and coffee shops is gentrifying an era of old.

In South Sydney, along the corridor from Redfern to Botany Bay is one of the best surviving blends of urban and light industrial uses. Suburbs including Botany,  Rosebery, Mascot and Alexandria maintain a strong economic base of employment activity which cohabitates with old and new residential housing.

The industrial areas in this corridor are now long past their time as heavy manufacturing, but still play a major role in providing vital warehouse, showroom and creative spaces to inner city areas.

Recently, there has been significant media coverage about the ongoing gentrification of South Sydney and the ‘Caffeine Fuelled Revolution’ taking place. However ‘urban renewal’ and ‘regeneration’ is being used to cover the light industrial fabric of the area giving way for the new.  The result of these redevelopments is an area which looks identical to some of the most sought after inner city fringes with pedestrian activity, quirky cafés and eateries complimented by some lovely parks.

The mix of industrial and older residential housing with light warehousing and showrooms is what has made South Sydney unique. It is one of Sydney’s last inner city industrial areas. Vacancy is low, demand is high giving a diverse urban fabric with a distinct character.

We know Botany and the surrounding region.  Embracing change is key.