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Before Alex joined the world Real Estate, he was a very successful entrepreneur and specialist in the metal and coating industry in Europe.

Alex developed expertise in establishing how he can offer his customers what they want and need. It starts with fully appreciating and understanding how to approach the customer's needs and wishes.

"I treat the needs and wishes of my customers as a priority. I will assist them in their search for the perfect home by helping them to make the best decision for both the buyer and the seller."

Alex attaches excellent value to the philosophy "not quantity, but quality" which he practices in both his personal and professional life. He only takes over a project when he can give it fully degree of his attention.

Alex follows his customers closely to find the best options for them, to streamline their search process. With a background in customer service, sales and marketing, Alex has a natural talent to listen and respond effectively to the needs of the customer.

The key to Alex's success is the result of his patient behaviour and specific work ethic. He knows how to listen, provides quality information, and more importantly knows when to stop talking. His main intentions are to understand and give the best advice possible, concerning customer needs and building relationships that will last over time. When orchestrating deals for buyers and sellers, Alex is assertive and active without being too aggressive. Although he is a strong negotiator and advocate for his client, he is also a compassionate, friendly, humorous partner who can professionalise a process that can be stressful for both sellers and buyers.

Alex was an officer for ten years in the Netherlands Army Special Force including 7 Years responsibility for protecting the security. He was awarded the United Nations Peace Medal for outstanding peacekeeping work in the Middle East.

Everything starts with trust, Alex de Kramer is a Raine&Horne Real Estate Agent who makes a strategic approach to the purchase and sales process of a property. Based on years of experience as an international sales manager, Alex built a reputation for refreshing and sustainable sales support to his clients and Customers.