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Angela Mikronis

Licenced Real Estate Agent


Angela Mikronis is one of those people who leave an eternal spark in those who have contact with her. She has a thirst for life and enjoys every moment spare she has with her family, which consists of, husband Spiros, son Jason, Daughter Rebekah and grandchild Anastasia.

They are a well-oiled machine, and from that have developed a unique balance in life and family values.

Angela has been a fully licensed real estate agent for approx 20 years in the Redlands. As such she has extensive knowledge of the area and its people. She has an infectious personality that draws you into the fun-loving and enthusiastic way in which she approaches both life and business.

She has a passionate approach to real estate and understanding of how stressful it can be to some buyers and sellers. Her down to earth approach and easy-going personality, quickly allow buyers and sellers to feel at ease almost immediately.

Her and her husband Spiros, have owned and run businesses together for over 30 years. In that time they have learnt to deal with many different personality types, which has enable them to become the pinnacle of negotiators.

As Principal/Licensee of her own office, she was in charge of the rental department, giving her a great grounding into the investment sector of real estate. Unprecedented growth in the rental department was her aim, and that is exactly what she achieved.

So having achieved excellence in both sales and rental sectors of real estate, it was natural to start to train the next generation in Team Mikronis. As such Team Mikronis now consists of multi-award winner Spiros Mikronis, Angela Mikronis and Rebekah Mikronis.

For all your real estate needs, wants, and desires you know who to call……

Team Mikronis.

“Let our Family help your Family”


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