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Tenant Information


As a tenant it is your responsibility to have the electricity, gas, phone and or internet connected at the property and accounts placed in your name. 

The main utility companies are listed below:

AGL (Gas):

13 12 45

Energy Australia (Electricity):

13 15 35


13 22 00


1800 780 219

Rental Payment Options

Under the Residential Tenancy Act your rent must be paid in full and in advance

by the date designated on your lease at all times.  If paying fortnightly you must always be two (2) weeks in advance, if paying weekly must be (1) week in advance and if paying monthly must be one (1) month in advance.

The rent can be paid by Internet transfer, Bank Cheque, Cash or Australia Post money order payable to Raine & Horne Concord. 

Please contact the Senior Property Manager if you are unable to make a payment in full and on time.  It is far better that you make contact with the office than be contacted by them for your rent being late.

If you are sharing the property and your name is not on the lease you are equally as responsible for paying the rent.

We have a strict rental arrears policy whereby our rent arrears are checked daily and our procedure is that:

  • If the rent is in arrears we will contact you either by email, post, telephone or SMS on the contact phone numbers you have provided for our records.
  • If the rent becomes 14 days in arrears a Termination Notice will be issued on the 15th day giving 14 days’ notice to vacate.
  • If rent remains unpaid and you have not vacated, an application to the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal will be made for vacant possession.
  • In certain circumstance your details will be recorded with a registered tenancy database and this could be a negative reference for future rental properties.

Rental Bond

The rental bond payment is lodged with the NSW Office of Fair Trading during the tenancy and is held as a security deposit for any unpaid rent or damage that maybe caused to the property and provided with a written confirmation and rental bond number.

The rental bond will be refunded to you after you have vacated the property, provided you have paid all outstanding rent to your official vacate date and there are no outstanding invoices for cleaning or repairs.

Residential Condition Report

You will be provided with a copy of the Residential Condition Report together with photographs on a CD on the day you collect your keys which is the same day the lease commences.  The report is vitally important as it outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy.

This report is used to compare the condition of the property when you vacate and any variations, which allow for fair wear and tear, will be your responsibility to rectify at your expense.

It is a vitally important document, as the refund of the bond you paid is determined by any variation in the condition of the property, fair wear and tear excepted.

It is actually a breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement if you fail to return a signed copy of the Condition Report within seven (7) days of receipt and if your signed copy is not received within seven (7) days, we will take it that you agree with the accuracy of the Condition Report prepared by us.

Routine Inspections

During your tenancy the Senior Property Manager will inspect your property periodically after you have been given seven (7) days written notice. 

The inspections will take place three (3) months after the commencement of your lease and every six (6) months.

The purpose of the inspections is to advise the owners of the condition of the property, how you are maintaining it and if there are any repairs or maintenance issues that require attention. 

Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

Under the Residential Tenancy Act all vacate notices must be submitted in writing and you are welcome to complete our Tenant Vacating Notice forms founds under documents.

Or you can provide your notice in writing with a signed letter by all parties who are named on the lease which include all tenants’ names, the property address, the vacate date and reason for vacating. 

The letter can be sent by email to your property manager, by fax to 9743 6809 or posted to PO Box 216, Concord, NSW, 2137.

The following notice is required:

If the tenancy agreement date has not expired and you need to vacate at the expiry date – 14 days minimum notice is required.

If the lease date has expired you will be on a ‘continuing agreement’ – 21 days minimum notice is required. 

If the tenancy agreement dates has not expired and you need to vacate prior to the expiry date – you must give as much notice as possible and will be required to pay lease break fees as per the ‘Lease Break’ clause below.

Lease Break:

Notice to break your lease must be provided in writing by post, fax or an emailed scanned letter to your property manger and must include:

  • Letter signed by all parties on the lease and must include all tenants’ names, property address, vacate date and reason for vacating.

You are required to:

  • Continue to pay rent until the day the new tenant moves in or until the lease expires (whichever comes first).
  • Pay all advertising costs.
  • Pay re-letting fee of (one week’s rent plus 10%).
  • Pay the lease preparation fee of $33.00.
  • Pay difference between the current rent and new rent for the rest of the fixed term agreement if the premises are let at a lower rent.