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How to Register

Raine & Horne Coomera

Preparation is key

  • You can register at any time prior to the auction. This can be at an open for inspection, or when visiting the listing agent prior to the auction. Registering early will save you the trouble of registering on auction day.
  • You will need to provide the Auctioneer with your name and address and some photo identification – e.g. driver's licence or passport.
  • The Auctioneer will record these details in a Bidders Register and provide you with a Bidder number. This number must be displayed by you when making a bid during the course of the auction.
  • If you register prior to auction day, you may not receive your number. When you arrive at the auction, you will need to see the Auctioneer or their representative, provide proof of your identity, and receive your number or bidder card at that time.
  • Auctioneers are not permitted to provide your information to any other person other than an inspector or the court. However, the auctioneer may disclose to the seller of the property the identity of a bidder if it is necessary for negotiating the sale of the property after the auction.

Remember: You do not have to bid just because you have registered, but you must be registered if you intend to bid.

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