The Multi-Office
After nearly 20 years operating as an independent group, Colin Bice, John Hogan, Craig Fenning and Tony Tolazzi said that it was the technology and training opportunities that drew them to Raine & Horne. With a team of more than 40 and 1500+ properties under management, the trio fervently believes that the unrivalled training opportunities combined with next-gen sales and property management tools will enable them to stay ahead of the curve and remain the leading agents in their locale. 
Raine & Horne’s ground-breaking Digikit - a web-based interactive appraisal and proposal platform is also a significant attraction to the tri-office business. 

“Digikit is a great product that allows us to generate proposals and submissions in a short space of time... On the day we drove to meet with Angus in Sydney to discuss the move, I had a conversation with my PA about creating an auction submission for us. After we finished the three-hour meeting at Raine & Horne, we received a call from the PA, who was still working on the presentation... With Digikit, I’ll be able to get that submission out much faster to my vendors than before.”