Selling Tips


When you decide to sell your home one of the first decisions your must make is whether you are going to sell your home through a real estate agent or sell it privately. In Australia approximately 90% of sales are made through real estate agents.

The key to successfully selling your home is choosing the right agent. A real estate agent is a professional with local market expertise and experience selling property. They can provide you with up-to-date information about the housing market in general.

Throughout the sale an agent will act on your behalf providing you with advice and guidance to help you objectively evaluate buyer offers.


One of the most important decisions to be made when selling your property is setting a price. Your local real estate agent will conduct a market opinion on inspection of your property which will provide a true estimate of price.

Be wary of any agents who tells you he or she can achieve a high price without substantiating it with facts. Always remember that agents interpret the market; they do not create it. Over pricing is the most common reason properties fail to sell.

It is very important that you agree on the price set and the agent feels it is realistic. If the price is unrealistically high enquiry will be limited and the property will not sell.

Preparing your property for sale

First impressions are lasting so the presentation of your property is creating strong initial interest from potential purchasers. A good guide to styling your home is to remove everything that is not absolutely essential.


REMOVE - Selling your home can be an emotional experience, and while it can be difficult removing beloved personal items, it can help generate a premium price for your property

DE-CLUTTER - De-clutter your home of nick nacks, childrens toys and personal effects to achieve a more open and spacious feel to your rooms.

CLEAN - Make sure the entire room is spotless and free from clutter. Particularly look at the top of the entertainment area and book shelves. Make sure everything is free from dust and cords are neat and away from sight.