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Barend is from a picturesque country called South Africa, where you will find all the beautiful wildlife and beautiful farms that produces the most beautiful Wines and KVW Brandies and most tasting South African farm dishes you can think of.

Barend also comes from a family that has a love for Real Estate, building new and revamping old homes to sell, and his Stepfather who had 139 Branches of Franchises in the Real Estate and Commercial property business and has recently retired after many years of great business. This is where Barend also has found his love for Real Estate, where he has just recently completed his course in Real Estate and to follow his long-life dreams and footsteps of becoming a Real Estate agent.

Barend also has experience in Administration and Management skills, along with Marketing and sales where he has worked for the Motor Industry.  He is motivated, positive, honest and a happy person in life and always sees the Good in people and very down to Earth. 

Barend will go out of his way to help you find the best house to suite you and your family and where you will feel right at home and in love with your house.

Barend has moved to Darwin in January 2018 where he has managed to fall in love with Darwin and the NT outback and its awesome people and has managed to make this his new home and to set roots here.