What you need to know

Many people buy property as an investment, it is therefore important you have a good tenant. You need to know that they will look after your property as if it is theirs, and of course, that they will pay their rent on time.

Our property managers are trained to ensure that the right tenant is chosen. The process of tenant selection follows a series of events that allow us to find out about the people we are choosing to look after the property.

After a number of conversations and meetings are conducted we then will recommend to you who we think is suitable and ask for your decision.

Once a tenant has been selected for your property, it is important we regularly liaise with the tenant to ensure that they are happy and check to see if there are any maintenance items that need attending to.

Keeping a good line of communication between tenant and landlord is important, in some cases the tenants like the property so much that they may approach our office to see if the landlord is interested in selling.

At Raine & Horne Forestville / Frenchs Forest we do work a little differently than most agencies in the area as we have one property manager per property, ensuring that we are able to provide you with the highest level of personalised service.