Our Tenants Resources

Maintenance Forms

For any maintenance issues you may encounter during your tenancy. Please fill in the Maintenance Form with as much detail as possible and either return to our office at 60 Goondoon Street, Gladstone QLD 4680 OR email it directly to: [email protected].

Please note: If it is an emergency please contact our office directly. To determine what is an emergency please refer to: Emergency Repairs.


Moving Out 

 At the end of your lease

If you do not wish to re-sign a lease for the current property you are in please ensure you give our office plenty of notice (at least 2 weeks). You can fill in a 'Notice of Intention to leave' form and email it directly to: [email protected] or drop in to our office.


 Breaking your lease (moving out prior to the lease ending)

Should you find yourself needing to leave the property prior to the lease running out for any reason please fill in a 'Notice of Intention to break lease' form and email it directly to: [email protected] or drop ot in to our office. 


Should you require more information in regards to leasing please contact our office or refer to the Residential Tenancy Authority website.