Information for Selling your Home

Selecting An Agent

Selling a home is something many people do only once or twice in a lifetime, so it pays to do some homework before signing up with an agent to sell your property. Researching agents on websites such as is a good place to start.

Preparing to Sell

It’s our responsibility to market a property to effect a successful sale; it’s the owner's responsibility to present their property at its best to create interest. Properties achieving the best result are clean, in good repair and well presented. To assist you in preparing for the sale of your property, we’ve created the following checklist:

  • Have your property cleaned and detailed thoroughly
  • A fresh coat of paint inside and/or outside the house adds immensely to its saleability
  • Gutters, downpipes and timber trims should be in good condition
  • Metal windows and insect screens should be repaired or replaced, if damaged
  • All windows should be cleaned
  • Keep the lawns cut, edges trimmed and flowerbeds weeded
  • Remove grease or oil spots from the driveway and carport
  • Clear benchtops and cabinets
  • overcrowding gives the impression of inadequate storage space
  • store infrequently used benchtop appliances
  • Kitchen - clean the stove inside and out, as well as the kitchen exhaust hood or fan cover
  • Carpets should be steam cleaned
  • Do some prudent discarding in cabinets
  • Bathroom - clean sink taps, toilet and mirrors

Simple Art Of Presentation

First impressions are crucial in decision-making situations, especially when buying residential real estate. It’s essential that vendors present their property in its best light, helping it stand out from other available competing properties.

Vendors should appeal to the senses of prospective buyers by creating a warm, welcoming environment ensuring purchasers spend more time inspecting and establishing empathy with the home.

Maximise the use of natural light by opening curtains and windows, install higher wattage light bulbs in darker areas, clear any overhanging branches or bushes that may restrict light entering the home. Don't have rooms filled with too many objects. Clutter has a major negative effect in most rooms. The more furniture and ornaments in a room, the less perception of space. Ensure that bathrooms and wet areas are thoroughly cleaned, sinks are cleared of dishes, beds made and all clothes are stored. Carpets should be steam cleaned and smell fresh for the selling campaign. Light open fires, where possible, and heat the home to a comfortable temperature during colder months. Also make sure all floors and walkways are clear, giving easy access to prospective buyers you’ll have flowing through your property.

Pets, although beloved family members, cause allergic reactions in some people and many others are just plain scared of them, especially dogs. For many, the idea of a dog or cat in the house detracts from the overall cleanliness, so consider having them cared for elsewhere during the selling campaign.

To assist in preparing your home for sale, Raine & Horne Green Square are able to recommend a number of services to ease the process. From painters, cleaners and gardeners, to handymen, property stylists and carpet layers, we employ a team of qualified professional tradespeople fully aware of the high standards we expect when maintenance is carried out.

Contract Of Sale

A residential property cannot be advertised for sale until a Contract of Sale has been prepared. It’s important that you consult your solicitor/conveyancer about preparing the contract to ensure everything is in order. We’re happy to suggest reputable firms to assist you with Conveyancing.