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While my career has taken me on many interesting journeys across a number of industries, I often say that in a different life I could see myself making furniture; I absolutely loved woodwork when I was at school. This may sound surprising but when you dig deeper, it’s consistent with the type of person I am. I find building both furniture and businesses incredibly rewarding and there’s nothing I love more than seeing the return on my effort of building something from nothing. But it doesn’t stop there, because the pleasure I get out of building things only comes when I am able to deliver something of value to others, which helps them in their life. This is what really drives me as a business owner and has done so in the Real Estate Industry over the last 8 years.

Over the course of my life I have discovered that everything is about relationships. Not only do relationships inside and outside of work bring me huge amounts of fulfilment and joy,  I think any great relationship should always benefit both parties equally. By someone deciding to place their trust in me, I am then in the privileged position to be able to help them. That moment when I find out that I have done something that has genuinely helped someone else gives me a huge buzz; I love a ‘win-win’! I think that every strong relationship begins and ends with trust; but you can’t command trust, you have to earn it. How do you do that? You have to be consistent and follow through on your promises.

Of course there is only so much you can do on your own, and a major part of the reward I get as a business owner is working with my fantastic team. Unfortunately I see far too many people stifled and unhappy in their jobs and I see my role as a great way to harness people’s enthusiasm and energy, making them feel valued and happy. It is only in this environment that people can be their best and grow personally and professionally. But the best part is that this doesn’t just impact them; it also has a flow-on effect to our clients, tenants and everyone we come into contact with.

At the end of the day a business is only as good as the team who share the same values and belief around delivering exceptional service to our clients.