Tenancy Zone

When searching for a rental property, think carefully about;

A rough estimate of how much rent you can afford to pay,

The standard of living you require (and any special needs you may have), and

Where you would like to live.

How do I search for a rental property?

The Raine & Horne Leura Property Management team offers a variety of solutions for prospective tenants wanting to move into the area. You can find our available rental properties through the following websites;

Raine & Horne Leura



How do I arrange to inspect a property?

We conduct all our property viewings by previously arranged appointments. This expedites the application process, and enables our Property Managers to answer any questions that you may have. Should you wish to find out more about a property, or want to arrange an inspection, please contact the listed Property Managers for that particular property.

How do I apply to lease a property?

Once you have viewed a property that is available for lease and you wish to proceed with applying, you will need to fill out a Residential Tenancy Application form. This form can be found either online through one of the above listed websites under the specific property you want to rent. Alternatively, you can download a hard-copy version from our website at the bottom of this page.

The completion of this Tenancy Application Form is mandatory. It is important when filling out this form to include every adult person who is going to be living at the property, to provide supporting documentation that meets the 100 points identity check & any further documents that support either your previous rental history or personal & professional references.

What is the tenant selection process and when will I be notified?

The tenant selection process is where our Property Managers will confirm the information you have supplied to us with your listed referees & review your application. Please note that your application may be one of many received for the same property which will be referred to the owner of that property pending his or her instruction.

Once this process has  been completed, you will be contacted by the property manager responsible for the property and advised of the outcome.

What Happens When The Application Is Approved?

If your Application has been successful, you will be requested to call in at our office to complete the necessary documentation and pay a holding fee where applicable. When at the sign-up interview you will be requested to:

1. Sign 2 copies of the Tenancy Agreement and initial all clauses as having read and understood them;

2. Sign the Lodgement Form for the bond to be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority; and

3. If you are taking possession of the property at that time, you will also be requested to sign a receipt for the keys to the property and to complete the Condition Report in duplicate, returning one signed copy to this office within seven (7) business days.

How do I organise payment?

All rents are payable in advance, and the only facilities we have for the payment of rent is by Direct Debit. Please contact your Property Manager for the Trust Account Details.

Who do I call if any maintenance issues arise?

Further information regarding the property will be provided to you at the sign-up interview. However should any issues arise during this time, please contact your individual property manager on 4784 2622