Raine&Horne in Marrickville


A network of Sydney real estate agencies are offering their clients a distinctly unique advantage.

Raine&Horne in Marrickville is a collaboration of three agencies Raine&Horne Marrickville (residential), Raine&Horne Commercial South Sydney / Marrickville (commercial), and Raine&Horne Projects (project marketing and sales).

The three offices have experienced phenomenal success in the past 12 months with 165 sales totalling over $200,000,000.00 worth of property.

“The way we work together has been a key factors to our success,” said Nicholas Smith, director of the commercial office.

“As a team we push, assist and prompt each other every day of the year. The different skill sets across our team and the synergies created when they are brought together are a big part of what sets us apart.”

The network of offices has also used their combined database to ensure all properties are marketed to the broadest possible market.

“We have access to a large and diverse database of buyers,” said Luke Smith, Licensee in Charge of Raine&Horne Projects. “Wherever possible we use this advantage to ensure our clients receive the best possible level of service. Our priority is our client’s success.”

Raine&Horne has had a presence in the local area for close to 30 years when the first office, Raine&Horne Marrickville was opened by Michael and Yvonne Smith in 1987.

Today, Raine&Horne in Marrickville has a combined staff of 25 real estate professionals across its three offices.

“We’re not just your average corner real estate agency,” said Michael Smith, Director of Raine&Horne Marrickville.

“The collaborative effect of Raine&Horne in Marrickville has created a synergy which is unrivalled in the Inner West,” said Mr. Smith.

“As a group we offer a better result for our clients then we could hope to achieve individually.”

To experience the Raine&Horne in Marrickville advantage for yourself give us a call on 9560 7599.

Raine&Horne in Marrickville

Raine&Horne Marrickville
159 Marrickville Road
Marrickville NSW 2204

Raine&Horne Commercial South Sydney/Marrickville
4-8 Gladstone Street
Marrickville NSW 2204

Raine&Horne Projects
4-8 Gladstone Street 
Marrickville NSW 2204