Why Raine & Horne Mona Vale

 Katie & Ben Spackman pride themselves on creating and maintaining a high level of service and professionalism, with a personal touch.  We have a pool of resources to generate interest in your property from an extensive list of resources including specialised marketing, ancillary support services, high profile advertising mechanisms, together with a broad base of web portals to attract prospective tenants.

We believe that the process of renting your property should be as comfortable, smooth and successful as possible.  Our aim is to work with you to maximise the returns, growth and yields and generate from your investment property, and minimise the costs to you.

By utilising our prospective tenant database and applying a detailed screening process to all lease applications we accept only the highest quality tenants who can meet their responsibilities in looking after your property.

As property investors ourselves we understand that even a few weeks’ vacancy per year can negatively impact investment returns, so renting the property as quickly as possible to high quality tenants is our prime focus.

Our goal is to increase your income and ensure that your investment is working for you. Understanding the local rental market is critical to generating maximum returns.

We have operated in the immediate area for over 5 years and by constantly monitoring local area rents and conducting regular rental reviews we aim to achieve above average returns.

We understand that you want to take the worry and anxiety out of managing your property.

When you consider the time and skills required to market a property, find the right tenants, manage payments, conduct inspections, take care of maintenance and resolve disputes you’ll quickly realise that property management is a full-time role

We take care of all aspects of managing your investment so you don’t have to worry.  Katie Spackman is on hand to ensure that you have all the boxes ticked.

Need an equity check to see how you can leverage further?  Call our office for an appointment today to discuss your property's needs.  Click here to get your own suburb insights report.