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How can I enhance the appeal of my investment property for tenants during the upcoming colder months?

March 8, 2024

If your current tenancy agreement is approaching its end and the tenants have expressed their intention to vacate, this presents a favourable opportunity to enhance the property’s tenant appeal.


Typically, the recommendations for improving the property remain consistent regardless of the season. However, for houses, it’s worth considering investing in improved insulation, especially during the colder months. Improved insulation can significantly benefit renters during winter by retaining heat for extended periods, reducing the need for excessive heater usage.


Moreover, integrating extra sustainable elements into a property proves to be a prudent investment approach, given that various surveys highlight millennials’ willingness to invest more in products with sustainable attributes. On a related note, optimising your lighting ahead of the winter’s shorter days is another strategy to contemplate. Consider switching to LED light bulbs, which provide enhanced brightness and usually have a longer lifespan compared to traditional globes.

If you have a fireplace, make sure to hire a chimney sweep. The worst scenario would be for your new tenants to start a fire only to have a blocked chimney fill the house with smoke.


Typically, enhancements to an investment property don’t need to cost an arm and leg. It might be as simple as giving the kitchen a facelift with new cupboards and fittings. 


If your budget allows, it could be worthwhile to enhance your property by investing in an air conditioner, especially if it gets really chilly in winter. Upgrading tatty carpets is another option to consider. Moreover, new carpet can help keep your home cosier during winter while potentially reducing your electricity expenses. Carpets also offer superior acoustics, creating a quieter environment compared to floorboards.


Improving the look of your bathroom or kitchen is crucial, as issues such as cracked tiles can give the impression of neglect towards the property. Replacing loose tiles is a simple yet effective way to enhance tenant appeal while conveying the right message about your care for the property.


Also, don’t forget to focus your improvement lens on outdoor areas such as balconies and gardens. Evaluate the state of these spaces and the building exterior, considering how they might influence the first impressions of those attending your open for inspections. If the exterior fails to mirror the property’s quality, this might put off some tenants. Consider potential improvements such as repairing broken windows or railings while presenting well-maintained lawns and gardens is a must. Ensure, at the very least, that any fallen autumn leaves are raked up.


Moreover, adding some plants to outdoor spaces, such as balconies, can create a more inviting atmosphere for the property.


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