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Could a milder winter be a great time for real estate?

May 10, 2024

With the Bureau of Meteorology[i] predicting a milder winter with temperatures likely to be above median for most of the Australian continent, the cooler months this year could be a great time to implement your real estate plans.

Although some might suggest the BOM[ii] hasn't always been spot-on recently, the prevailing wisdom has traditionally held that spring is the best time to sell a property. However, new data and shifting industry views suggest that there are benefits to selling during the colder months as well. Regardless, ensuring that your property is presented at its best during the winter months is crucial.

The winter market is good for vendors

Spring typically brings an influx of property listings, leading to a crowded market. However, Raine & Horne’s research indicates that winter generally sees a 15-20% drop in listings. This reduced competition can make properties stand out more for serious buyers.

Furthermore, recent data from Raine & Horne reveals that attendance at open for inspections across Australia continues to be strong, even as the mercury drops. Contrary to the usual seasonal decline, the number of prospective buyers has increased since January, with attendance at open inspections rising by nearly 16% from the start of the year.

Tips for showcasing your property in winter

While properties typically showcase their best features in the sunny spring and summer conditions, a significant drawback for some buyers is not seeing how a property manages in colder, harsher winter conditions.

To counteract this, vendors should ensure their property is warm and welcoming for winter open for inspections. Before opens, it’s advisable to turn up the heating, light a fire, or place candles to create a cosy ambiance. A warm and inviting atmosphere can help potential buyers visualise themselves living in your property more easily. 

With shorter and darker winter days, natural light becomes even more valuable — open curtains and blinds to allow maximum sunlight in and consider extra lighting to brighten darker areas. Well-lit rooms appear more inviting and spacious, enhancing the property’s appeal during inspections.

Adding winter touches can also enhance your property’s charm. Introduce throws, cushions, and rugs in warm colours and textures to foster a comfortable vibe. Such simple enhancements can significantly boost the property’s attractiveness.

Maintaining your garden is vital no matter the season. Rake up any fallen leaves, trim bushes, and keep the lawn tidy. A well-kept garden makes a solid first impression and improves your property’s curb appeal.

Also, take care of any necessary maintenance chores before listing your property for a winter sale. Fix leaks, repair broken tiles or fixtures, and repaint scuffed walls. A well-maintained property demonstrates your commitment to its upkeep and increases its overall desirability for buyers. 

Selling your property this winter can offer significant advantages, including reduced market competition from other properties and increased buyer attention. By following our simple tips, you can enhance the appeal of your property during the winter months to achieve a profitable sale. 

If you’re considering listing your property for sale this winter, contact your local Raine & Horne agent for an obligation-free market appraisal.